Western Folk (songs from the prairie) - Allan Chapman

Western Folk Songs From the Prairie
Western Folk Songs From the Prairie

…"Part of a longtime Texas ranching tradition and a former college English teacher, Allan has the background and tools necessary to build songs of depth, color, imagination and originality about schoolmarms in love with cowboys (Dashing Young Men), cold–hearted women (Grinder’s Wheel) and desperate young Irishmen seeking their fortune on the unforgiving Texas frontier (The King Of Texico)"…
— Western Writers Of America- Roundup Magazine – October 2013

…"Texas singer-songwriter, Allan Chapman has released another insightful collection that breathes life into authentic Western characters…"
— American Cowboy Magazine – October/November 2013

"Allan Chapman left Nashville before they stole his soul... this album is proof of that. No frills production, just the bare essentials - a voice, one or two instruments, nothing to get between you and the story. And what stories he tells!

A hapless Irish cowboy in The King of Texico, the dangerous but irresistible lady in Grinder's Wheel, Buford Brown, the principled.. sort of.. entrepreneur in Bootleg, Maria, the poignant but dignified young lady in Boxcars of Juarez. He puts his stamp on the traditional songs, Stewball and Polly ('polly-wolly doodle DNA'? I don't remember THAT in the original!). His own Ruby sounds like it was handed doown from one of those great Texas blues men like Mance Lipscomb. You connect with the characters in every story he tells. He closes with one of the best Texas cowboy songs ever written, These Cowboy Boots.

This is the way music is supposed to be."
— Jim Jones - Western Author/Singer/Songwriter

This CD was recorded, mixed and mastered all in less than 24 hours at CLMG Studio in Dallas, Texas, October 28, 2012